Legacy Systems

Got an old legacy system that needs upgrading? Well, we just eat this stuff up.

Old school is cool

To us, old systems are like looking at an old XY Falcon or HT Holden — they are beautifully constructed if you can get around the rust and engine problems.

We have seen these systems, worked on them and created them over the last 18 years. And 18 years on the Internet is like 180 years "in real life".

Yep, we have been programming on Linux servers since the early days of the Internet and have experience with all levels of systems.

Relational databases, custom scripts in Shell, Python, Pearl, Classic ASP and PHP. Old school web interfaces, you name it, we have done it. Server architecture, physical servers, cloud servers, SVN and old school version control.

We can take your aging systems and upgrade it so it can be maintained and is no longer a security hole.

Don’t worry, we have worked with brittle, mission critical systems before. We know how to be careful, backup the data and migrate the system with zero downtime. All with a safety net and fall back plan. We are not code cowboys. We work to best practices and coding standards.

So you want to connect your systems to Marketo, SalesForce, MailGun or a web API? No problems, we have done this before.

What Our Clients Say

Resource Capital Research
We turned to Web Programmer when we had a major server failure with our ageing ecommerce website.

Web Programmer assessed the situation and worked across the weekend to get us back online.

This was important to us as we were loosing $1000's of dollars in ecommerce transactions every day the server was offline.

Web Programmer has constantly gone beyond expectations to provide high quality, cutting edge technology for St John NSW.

I would recommend Web Programmer to anyone looking for a high quality web development service provider.

Mark Slater
Manager, Marketing Communications
St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)

Show Support
Reboot after website disaster.

In 2008 we engaged Web Programmer to patch our systems after a website disaster.

Web Programmer migrated our systems and created us a secure eCommerce platform for selling our products which has lasted until now in 2021.

Web Programmer has upgraded our functionality and provided support all along the way.

Web Programmer is now assisting with our migration to a newer system.

If you need secure, reliable code or if you are retooling existing systems, I recommend Web Programmer.

Fr Michael Goonan SSP

Show Support
From concept to finished code and beyond

I took my business app concept to Web Programmer and together we created an incredible business app. I have been in control and in the loop. I speak straight to the programmer, this keeps things simple.

Web Programmer manage the server, code creation, QA and software release cycle.

Our in­house software, Personnel Manager, is now the preferred rostering system for many leading companies in the entertainment industry. Clients in the hospitality, security, cleaning, welfare, building and construction industries also benefit from this innovative brand.

If you need a reliable, unique online app and great ongoing support, use Web Programmer.

David Neil
Show Support Pty Ltd