No Techno Double Talk

Tell us your needs and we will advise you about the best technologies for your business plan in plain English.

We know technology and we know how online business works. We listen to your objectives and deliver in every way that's important: strategically, functionally, creatively and commercially. We provide the tools to make your plan work in the online world. We support you at every step in the process and provide solutions as your needs grow.

Path to Online Success

Think of us as web Sherpas, we do the heavy work so you can climb the online mountain of success – looking great as you do it :)

You can get on with your mission of building a company while we build a strong online structure to suit your needs. We have the professional skills and knowledge to provide you with the best possible solution for your business. We can help you deliver outstanding results online.

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Social Awareness

We create epic content and social media through every important new media avenue, including blog articles, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

We love social media for business purposes, and we understand how it works. We will work closely with you on content strategy – we have professional writers who know how to tell your story, how to draw traffic and attention to your business, how to engage your online audience. We have the skills and talent to get you results. Our people will work directly with you. Hey, we even speak good English.

Give us a call to talk about your project on .

Apps with Style that Work

We are expert (ninja) programmers. Okay, so we don't wear the black pyjamas, but we are still ninjas.

If you can explain it, we can do it. We can make your vision into reality. Our skills mean we can add the functionality to your projects that will make your product unique in the marketplace. We are also serious about design and user interface. Your projects will work well, and look great, and that means making you an achiever who can kick goals for your business.

Making Your Idea Rock

Got a great idea and need a prototype? You have come to the right place.

We are experts at wireframing and prototyping of web apps. We do custom coding. And we do it right the first time. We know it's a fast-moving world and we will convert your concept into a live, working application so you can get on with your business plan.

Confidentially Speaking

Just like Jack Bauer in the TV series 24, we will not break and give up the information.

Projects are completed with client confidentiality under Australian law. There is no need to worry about your ideas being shared around the internet. We value and respect your original concepts and are keen for you to succeed.

Not-For-Profit Organisations

We love a good cause and we do a lot of work in the Australian not-for-profit industry.

We have a record of success with organisations like St John NSW, YWCA and Human Kind Project. We can give you an online profile that increases the reach of your mission, that makes you more relevant in an evolving technology-driven world. We can help you get the grants you need to plan for success (e.g. Google not-for-profit ad grants worth $USD10,000 per month).

Chat with us today (use the chat window at the bottom-right of this page), or call on or drop us a line at . We would love to hear from you :)

Human Kind Project Responsive Design

Human Kind Project – Responsive web design

Personnel Manager Crew App Wire Frames

Personnel Manager Crew App Wire Frames

Show Support Responsive Design

Show Support – Responsive web design

Yoga Synergy Online Video

Yoga Synergy Online Video

Y Hotels Sydney Social Media

Y Hotels Sydney Social Media

St John NSW Wire Frames

St John NSW Wire Frames

What Our Clients Say

From concept to finished code and beyond

I took my business app concept to Web Programmer and together we created an incredible business app.

I have been in control and in the loop. I speak straight to the programmer, this keeps things simple.

Web Programmer manage the server, code creation, QA and software release cycle.

Our in-house software, Personnel Manager, is now the preferred rostering system for many leading companies in the entertainment industry. Clients in the hospitality, security, cleaning, welfare, building and construction industries also benefit from this innovative brand.

If you need a reliable, unique online app and great ongoing support, use Web Programmer.

David Neil
Show Support Pty Ltd

Rescued St John NSW from major server failure

We needed a speedy resolution to this disaster as we were losing $1000's of dollars in ecommerce transactions every day the server was offline.

Web Programmer assessed the situation and worked across the weekend to get us back online.

Since then we have been consistently using Web Programmer for:

  • Analytic integration and campaign monitoring
  • Backend coding
  • Wire framing and User interface design (UX and UI)
  • Front end coding and web development

I would recommend Web Programmer to anyone looking for a high quality web development service that delivers.

Mark Slater
Manager, Marketing Communications
St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)
LinkedIn Profile

Amazing business applications and support

We have been dealing with Web Programmer for the last 5 years.

They have worked closely with us to take our ideas from conceptual wireframes through to the finished code.

Our briefs have contained complicated payroll calculations, employee awards, and custom user interfaces.

Web Programmer has provided us with amazing business applications, custom coding, and ongoing support.

Michelle Watson
General Manager
BENCHMARQUE Hospitality and Recruitment
LinkedIn Profile

Honest advice

We have used Web Programmer for the last 5 years for custom programming on our Yoga Synergy administration website. This administration is critical to our business as it tracks our members' details, payments and attendants.

We rely on Web Programmer's honest advice about the best website technologies for our business.

From email marketing, analytics, through to appraising new online business systems, Web Programmer has been with us all the way.

Web Programmer is passionate about our business and the right technology to bring us success online.

Bianca Machliss
Yoga Synergy Pty Ltd

Competent, talented marketing

The Australian Investor required some marketing ideas, design and implementation. Web Programmer were able to exceed expectations, providing professional guidance and performance. I have no hesitation in recommending Web Programmer as competent, talented marketers.

Andrew Hunt
Australian Investor Pty Ltd

The vision – traditional new online in 2003

In 2003, with the help of Web Programmer, we took the Central Coast Sun Weekly traditional print newspaper online.

There were many challenges. The project was a huge success, with online content for local news, articles and sports. It was before it's time in concept and technology.

Web Programmer has constantly gone beyond expectations to provide high quality, cutting edge technology.

They have met our challenges and tight deadline schedules.

I highly recommend Web Programmer's services.

Dr Ed Manners FCA D.Newc
Chairman and CEO
Sun Strategies International LLC
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Some of Our Clients

St John Ambulance NSW
Y Hotels
Personnel Manager
Show Support

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