Code Development

I know it sounds nerdy but we live to program. It is relaxing and challenging. It’s a love and a passion.

If it's code, it's cool :)

Yep, we are geeks. Your projects are safe in our geeky experienced hands.

We code frontend and backend. Yes, we are fullstack, or even multi-stack, stacks upon stacks and wheels within wheels.

Step back and kick up your heels with a nice glass of wine in the confidence your code is being lovingly created and nurtured to specifications.

We will create the code, test it and deploy it to your chosen environment.

Your frontend will look and function the way it is meant to. Your backend will work as it should and will be secured with state of the art technologies. And you will be able to concentrate on more important aspects of your projects and your life :)

Our programmers are cutting edge. We use the latest technologies and we are constantly exploring the upcoming technologies and processes.

This means your code will be state of the art which gives it longevity.

Frontend code geniuses

Send us your design in Sketch, Figma, InVision or Photoshop and we will match it to pixel perfection.

Like the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we have a team of knee-high code ninjas who work tirelessly to make your design and UX into a vibrant reality.

These ninjas have all worked in digital advertising and craft with modern frameworks. They will make your project work across your chosen browser matrix and devices. They tend to sing and dance at times, but this adds to the code quality, because a happy workplace is a productive workplace :)

Our quality assurance team has eagle eyes and will ensure your frontend functions to specifications and looks great on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Smooth animations and transitions are our thing and give your projects that extra flair.

We love version control so the code is incrementally committed, and code quality is audited.

Vue.js and Nuxt.js is our choice of frontend application framework, it allows the modern app experience your customers expect.

Backend code heros

You know those guys that sit at a computer and hack into the matrix — well that is OUR backend coder.

Backend development is the skill that powers the web.

Fueled by coffee and after 9pm craft beer our backend coders spend their time coding highly secure API’s, server side code applications and databases. They truly love the art of code.

Just don’t feed them chocolate after 12 midnight, because like Gremlins they transform. It’s a sad thing and we have lost a handful of really talented coders that way.

Your backend will be coded in modern PHP frameworks such as Laravel and Slim. Your databases will be SQL or noSQL.

Security is a big thing and our backend coders are white hat hackers. That is, we code securely for the light side of the force. Or like Gandalf the White — we are the good guys. And we wear white hats :)

We believe in version control and test driven design. This has ensured that our mission critical software, like modules for pay rates and payroll calculations, works correctly and is 100% accurate.

Secure Wordpress on steroids

This is not just "Wordpress". This is security enhanced, performance optimised, enterprise level Wordpress. Custom themes, instances and applications. Wordpress for big business with modern development frameworks and high code quality.

We have had years of experience with Wordpress and have done everything. Multi-lingual implementations, pixel perfect themes, custom post types, customised administration with Gutenberg blocks.

What Our Clients Say

Show Support
From concept to finished code and beyond

I took my business app concept to Web Programmer and together we created an incredible business app. I have been in control and in the loop. I speak straight to the programmer, this keeps things simple.

Web Programmer manage the server, code creation, QA and software release cycle.

Our in­house software, Personnel Manager, is now the preferred rostering system for many leading companies in the entertainment industry. Clients in the hospitality, security, cleaning, welfare, building and construction industries also benefit from this innovative brand.

If you need a reliable, unique online app and great ongoing support, use Web Programmer.

David Neil
Show Support Pty Ltd

Resource Capital Research
Web Programmer has managed our website and marketing for the last 7 years.

Their service is excellent, reliable and professional.

The are currently helping me through the process of upgrading my legacy systems.

John Willson
Managing Director
Resource Capital Research

Benchmarque Hospitality
We have been dealing with Web Programmer for over 3 years.

Web Programmer has consistently provided us with reliable business website applications, custom coding, and support.

They have worked closely with us to take our ideas from conceptual wireframes through to the finished code.

Our briefs have contained mission critical payroll calculations, employee awards, and custom user interfaces.

Web Programmer has consistently gone above and beyond our expectations with these projects.

I would recommend Web Programmer to anyone looking for robust enterprise level programming and web development services.

Michelle Watson
Staffing Manager
Benchmarque Hospitality and Recruitment