Your project ontime and on budget

Do you need to flex your digital development team? Don’t worry, Web Programmer is soothing paracetamol for digital outsourcing headaches. We are agency trained and use your tools. Just plugin and play :)

You will be delivering amazing results, bolstered by our transparent service.

Focused on the Delivery of Your Projects

Your pitch went well and you have the client. UX and Design is approved but there is a problem. You don’t have the dev resources and the project is running behind. You contact Web Programmer, we provide a fixed quote and work closely with you behind the scenes. The project is delivered on time and on budget. Your client loves it and your boss is super happy :)

It’s your project from concept and designs through to delivery on a production server. This is the full development journey.

Experienced Agency Devs

Time is money. Why waste it talking to people who “no speaka da lingo”. We know what is meant by “deliverables”, “discovery” and “deadlines”, and we know the joy of on tap craft beer ;)

We are a group of advertising agency devs with years of experience. We have worked with all the big brands and have successfully delivered 100s of digital projects.

If you can explain it, we can do it. We can make your vision into reality and fit into your team with no friction. Our skills mean we can add functionality to your projects that will make your product unique in the marketplace. We are also serious about matching design and user experience. Your projects will work well and look great, and that means making you an achiever who is kicking goals for your clients.

We have a dedicated QA team member, so no more embarrassing bugs on delivery of your project.

We are on the Tools

We use your tools. We love Sketch, Figma, InVision, Zeplin, Photoshop, Illustrator and JIRA. Code is committed into an appropriate branch in version control and pull requests are issued.

Technology is our business

We are ninja coders. We don't often wear the black pyjamas, but we are still ninjas.

A small group of highly trained and disciplined ninjas, coding away in our Sydney dojo with the latest technologies, and concentrating our team efforts delivering your high quality custom application. Your application, coded to your specifications, and tested so it works as expected :)

Our technology is security enhanced Wordpress with custom themes, VUE.js and Laravel PHP. We have been coding for over 18 years following the ancient ways of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP warrior.

Delivery is your project on your chosen server technology. AWS, Rackspace, Azure, Digital Ocean and more. We have an end-to-end delivery process and use continuous integration.

An Australian Company under Australian Law

Just like Eddard Stark we are not “oath breakers”. If they lock us in a digital dungeon we will not give up your IP. Our dealings are treated with honor and client confidentiality. There is no need to worry about your ideas being shared around the internet. We value and respect your original concepts and are keen for you to succeed.

We have been operating since 2003. It’s a long, happy time. We are a Sydney based Australian Company, operating under Australian Law with the appropriate insurances.

What Our Clients Say

Saverio Marfia Photography
My business is producing high quality, high impact commercial photography.

I needed a website that matched my business.

I needed a unique high quality, high impact, commercial website that resulted in client contacts and sales.

Web Programmer took the time to understand my business needs and created a custom website that showcases my business services, skills and imagery.

It's not just a website, it's a unique stylish advertisement for my services :)

Saverio Marfia Photograph

Song Hotels Sydney
For over 7 years now, Web Programmer have been developing our website and handling our online marketing.

In this time, they increased out web traffic by 6 times and doubled online sales.

Jon Ackary
General Manager Hotel Development at YWCA NSW

Central Coast Sun Weekly
In 2003, with the help of Web Programmer, we took the Central Coast Sun Weekly traditional print newspaper online.

There were many challenges. The project was a huge success, with online content for local news, articles and sports. It was before it's time in concept and technology.

Web Programmer has constantly gone beyond expectations to provide high quality, cutting edge technology.

They have met our challenges and tight deadline schedules.

Dr Ed Manners FCA D.Newc
Chairman and CEO
Sun Strategies International LLC

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